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Copywriters and marketing professionals:
Spend quality time on writing and idea generation.
Leave research, editing, and proofreading to me!
You know you need good research and you might be doing much of your own right now. After all, good solid research is vital to creating a winning control. Detailed information in your hands means the difference between a bomb or a knock-out. Just a few pieces of important data can increase results 2%, 4%, or even more.

A promo that included actual performance data on a product of "52.7%" versus 50% sold 150 carloads of product at 1/2 the forecast budget. The copywriter was able to use "52.7%" instead of winging it with an estimate because he did the research.

But research is time consuming. And let's be honest with each other. Don't you make far more money when you're actually writing control busting copy?

That's why I do research, proofreading, and editing for copywriters and marketing professionals - so you don't have to!

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Research, Proofreading, Editing for Direct Marketing Professionals
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